In het downloadgedeelte vind je gratis updates voor je FRITZ!-product. Selecteer je product en profiteer na het downloaden van nieuwe functies en uitbreidingen van onze ontwikkelingsafdeling. Deze inhoud is beschikbaar in het Engels.

Info on FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE

The update file in this folder contains the latest firmware for FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE. Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE International Edition

 Product            : FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE

 Version            : FRITZ!OS 6.34

 Language           : English, French, Italian, Spanish

New Features :

  • Necessary update to ensure compatibility with mobile networks supporting the QAM64 property in the upload
  • Updates and improvements to current security level increased
  • Increased connection stability
  • Multiple telephone numbers can be added at the same time for Telekom and Vodafone
  • IPv6 support in accordance with 3GPP Release 8 and 3GPP Release 10

New in FRITZ!OS 6.30


  • NEW: Multiple telephone numbers can be added at the same time for Telekom and Vodafone
  • NEW: IPv6 support according to 3GPP Release 8 and 3GPP Release 10

New FRITZ!OS 6.30 for interoperability, convenience and security

This version of FRITZ!OS includes modifications to better support the latest services offered by Internet providers.

The step to IP-based telephony is much simpler for new customers. Using the wizard for setting up new telephone numbers up to 10 telephone numbers can be created at once. This benefits not only Telekom and Vodafone customers, but also any users of "other providers" who use a single password for all of their telephone numbers.

Additional improvements to the LTE software provide for improved stability over various connections.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.34


  • Fixed: Necessary update to ensure compatibility with mobile networks supporting the QAM64 property in the upload


  • Changed: connecting IP-phones over the internet is deactivated after installing the update *


  • Improvement: diverse Updates and improvements to current security level increased


  • Changed: Update with a FRITZ!OS file is permitted only with the latest version of FRITZ!OS

We recommend every update for reasons of security as well. Further improvements to increase security with this version of FRITZ!OS are presented at in the area "Updates increase security".

  • We recommend using VPN for remotely connecting IP-telephony devices

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.31


  • Improvement: new modem software with improved network compatibility and increased connection stability
  • Improvement: several optimizations in the modem software
  • Improvement: internal management of the netlist optimized
  • Improvement: added provider specific frequency ranges for Holland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Changed: provider specific frequency ranges for Germany changed
  • Changed: provider specific frequency ranges of O2 and E-Plus for Germany united
  • Fixed: several minor bug fixes in modem software
  • Fixed: LUA error in removing the SIM card during connection setup
  • Fixed: crash when AT error in the initialization of the modem
  • Fixed: correction for provider Swan in Slovakia

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.30


  • Improvement: improved detection of dead connections
  • Improvement: for mobile operator A1, connection to only PDN1 is tolerated
  • Improvement: faster initialization and restart of LTE module
  • Improvement: support for AMBR coding in accordance with 3GPP Release 10
  • Improvement: various optimizations in LTE modem software
  • Fixed: several minor bug fixes in LTE modem software
  • Fixed: under some circumstances SIM was not immediately recognized after update
  • Fixed: potential error when connecting to cells with 1.4 and 3 MHz bandwidth
  • Fixed: SIM PIN could not be changed during active LTE connection


  • Improvement: multiple telephone numbers with the same password can be added at the same time for "other providers"


  • Improvement: prevents creation of new call diversions to premium telephone numbers
  • Improvement: password evaluation when setting the FRITZ!Box password during first configuration
  • Improvement: MyFRITZ! configuration with stricter password guidelines

Further improvements to increase security with this version of FRITZ!OS are presented at in the "Updates increase security" area. Access to the FRITZ!Box via Telnet is no longer supported

New with FRITZ!OS 6.21:

  • LTE Interop and stability improvements

New with FRITZ!OS 6.20:

  • LTE added support for LTE roaming (disabled by default)
  • LTE added support for PPP authentication (PAP)
  • LTE Interop improvements
  • me net: display of MIMO standard in the detailed information about powerline devices
  • Home net: use of fixed IP addresses via DHCP server improved
  • Home net: change parental controls profile in the detailed settings for every network device
  • Internet VPN connection to Android devices no longer disconnected after one hour
  • Internet online counter now able to display higher bandwidths
  • ernet when activating MyFRITZ! a random port for https will be selected
  • Internet fixes a possibility to circumvent parental controls via guest access
  • Internet added Diffie Hellmann Group 5, 14 and 15 for VPN
  • Internet TR-069 connection request port is now closed once TR-069 has been deactivated
  • Internet BPjM filter only active when country is set to Germany
  • Security enhanced security area in wireless LAN settings
  • Security assistance in choosing safe passwords
  • Security push mails are now sent using SSL encryption by default
  • Security import and export the SSL certificate used by your FRITZ!Box
  • Smart Home use FRITZ!DECT Repeaters as temperature sensors
  • Smart Home display the current temperature in FRITZ!Box GUI and MyFRITZ!App
  • Smart Home configure push mail to inform you whenever FRITZ!DECT 200 is switched on or off
  • Smart Home send a push mail when the connection to FRITZ!DECT 200 is lost
  • Smart Home select individual power consumption value to enable standby
  • System notification for important FRITZ!OS updates
  • System crashes when using the new push services fixed
  • System enables password to be set for the saved settings before an update
  • System new FRITZ!OS Updates can be installed automatically (default setting)*
  • System several improvements for the update process
  • System improved scheduled switching for tablets and smartphones.
  • Telephony change to oauth2 for authentication with Google contacts
  • Telephony forced speed dial for phonebook entries fixed
  • Telephony prefix "**8" is displayed when using Vanity Codes
  • Telephony plausibility test for the entry of landline numbers fixed
  • Telephony sporadic reboots when using IP telephones fixed
  • Telephony improved voice quality in case of parallel data transfer (wireless LAN<->LAN)
  • Telephony/DECT: for mail reception, encrypted transmission via port 995 is always tried first
  • Telephony/DECT: improved functionality for Gigaset handsets
  • Telephony/DECT: ability to set and delete custom ringtones for online contacts
  • Telephony/DECT: display of current temperature on FRITZ!DECT handsets
  • Telephony/DECT: improved playback of web radio on FRITZ!DECT handsets
  • Telephony/DECT: improved sound quality for web radio/podcast/media player
  • Telephony/DECT: improved update of RSS feeds
  • Telephony/DECT: FRITZ!Fon C4 - improved automatic brightness adjustment**
  • Telephony/DECT: support for the new call list with voice messages**
  • Telephony/DECT: permanent signaling of e-mail on the handset fixed
  • WLAN Wireless LAN auto channel can be updated over the user interface
  • WLAN initial setup extended for wireless LAN information and setup
  • WLAN list of access points in the wireless environment sorted by signal strength
  • WLAN WPS for the wireless LAN guest access / private hotspot can be started via FRITZ!Box user interface
  • WLAN detailed information about connected wireless devices (Rx/Tx data rate, RSSI value, wireless standard etc.)
  • WLAN faster activation of changed wireless LAN settings
  • WLAN improved display of the wireless guest access on the main page of the user interface
  • WLAN improved printer view
  • WLAN direct link to the wireless guest access on the main page
  • WLAN MAC address filter moved to WLAN/Security
  • WLAN connection by QR code enabled for main AP

  • FRITZ!Box can periodically search for a new FRITZ!OS version and automatically update (usually at night); you can change the default setting at System/Update.

** Update of the FRITZ!Fon handset to at least version 3.29 required

Notice: When updating from a version older than 06.20 the SSL certificate of FRITZ!Box will change. If you are using an app or a program that uses the certificate, there might an error message.

Important: during the update of FRITZ!OS, services like telephony and IPTV will be disconnected temporarily.

Further changes in non-public intermediate versions:


  • NEW: Improved parental control, expanded for guest access
  • NEW: Parent control with shared budget for multiple devices
  • NEW: Simplified setup of VPN users, Ethernet-Ethernet connections and VPN access to office networks
  • NEW: Easy VPN setup for Smartphone VPN users
  • NEW: Support for Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP)


  • NEW: Renovated MyFRITZ! access to voice messages, Smart Home and FRITZ!NAS for mobile devices
  • NEW: MyFRITZ! image viewer and audio player for files on fritz.nas


  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access as "private hotspot"
  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access restricted to surfing and mail in default settings
  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access with automatically dispatch of usage log
  • NEW: printable information sheet with wireless LAN registration information and QR code makes it easier for guests to connect
  • NEW: supports the extension of the wireless LAN guest access via wireless repeater


  • NEW: integration of intercom systems
  • NEW: customized hold music (for your numbers / line settings)
  • NEW: support for SIP trunking


  • NEW: redialing with alternative telephone number

Smart Home

  • NEW: enables standby detection and automatic power off
  • NEW: more customization options for time-triggered events
  • NEW: combine multiple devices in a group and trigger them together
  • NEW: set access rights to Smart Home for each user
  • NEW: save consumption data as .csv file


  • NEW: improved and expanded push service
  • NEW: keylock for DECT and WLAN keys on the FRITZ!Box
  • NEW: display of information for wireless LAN guest access and connected devices

New with FRITZ!OS 5.51:

  • Security: removes possibility for unauthorized access to FRITZ!Box.

New with FRITZ!OS 5.50:


  • NEW: search and scroll in the telephone book
  • NEW: answering machine now has its own menu entry
  • NEW: timer for the answering machine
  • NEW: set the alarm display message
  • NEW: IP telephones can be used over the Internet (connect your smartphone to the FRITZ!Box and use it over VoIP at home)


  • NEW: simplified entry of Internet account data
  • NEW: parental control overview now displayed in same design as home network
  • NEW: parental control now disconnects active sessions when surfing time is up Improved performance with parental control enabled Prevents sending of local IPv4 multicast information to the Internet Fixed problem with dynamic DNS provider DNS4BIZ


  • NEW: new repeater function to improve the range of a wireless network*** Warning: If you were using WDS: with this update WDS has been changed. It is no longer compatible with the older version of the repeater function.
  • NEW: allows automatic transfer of night service settings to your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater


  • NEW: support for Smart Home (FRITZ!DECT 200)
  • NEW: record personal memos on the answering machine
  • NEW: navigation now possible in start/event screen of the FRITZ!Fon MT-F *
  • NEW: setup of alarm signal/web radio on the handset*
  • NEW: setup of favorites Fixed problem with keylock deactivation on incoming call

Home Network

  • NEW: new Smart Home area in the Home Network menu
  • NEW: control of Smart Home devices via browser
  • NEW: integration of the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 in FRITZ!OS**
  • NEW: manual and automatic switching of FRITZ!DECT 200, from the home network or over the Internet
  • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 measures energy consumption of connected devices
  • NEW: all information and consumption details for FRITZ!DECT 200 in a push mail
  • NEW: display whether a network device is connected via repeater/powerline
  • NEW: integrated network time server provides time and date to all network devices Improved display of device details


  • NEW: MyFRITZ! user can now login to MyFRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box with the same account
  • NEW: improved MyFRITZ! Start page for mobile devices, integrated Smart Home support
  • NEW: support for MyFRITZ! App (Android).
  • NEW: MyFRITZ! access for simple worldwide access to home network devices via subdomain name
  • NEW: When creating a new account from the FRITZ!Box web interface, the name of the FRITZ!Box will automatically be used in MyFRITZ!


  • NEW: new start page, quicker access to voice messages and comfort functions
  • NEW: FRITZ!Box user with different access rights for setup, telephone and storage
  • NEW: display new voice messages on the bottom right of the start page Added new mailservers for push service setup Start page now also displays status of LAN guest access and Smart Home LAN settings moved to Home Network area

Important details regarding this update:

Tip: to use the new functions of the FRITZ!Box web interface, please use a web browser with HTML5 support (for example the current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

  • To be able to use all new features of the FRITZ!Fon family, please also update the firmware of the FRITZ!Fon.

**To use this function, the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 is required

*** For more information about the new WLAN repeater function, please visit

To carry out the firmware update:

1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "" or "" 2) Select the "System" menu and then the "Firmware Update" sub-menu. 3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file. 4) Click the "Update" button.

To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after performing the update.

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