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Gevonden resultaten:
FRITZ!Repeater 600 / FRITZ!OS 7.27

FRITZ!OS is the software of the FRITZ!Repeater. Use the online update function to easily download the current FRITZ!OS version into your FRITZ!Repeater.

New performance characteristics:
  • **New Features**
  • Improved assistent for inital setup
  • Improved WiFI stability and performance **Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.27**
  • **Improved** Improved confirmation message when adoption of settings in the Mesh disabled
  • **Improved** Improved confirmation message when network settings changed
  • **Improved** Improved messages on Wi-Fi under "System / Event Log"
  • **Improved** Detection of multiple parallel WPS activations improved
  • **Improved** Naming of Wi-Fi guest access (SSID, preassigned) depends on selected language
  • **Fixed** Vulnerabilities in the processing of incoming fragmented frames and aggregated MPDUs (A-MPDU) fixed ("Fragatttack")
  • **Fixed** WPS for the Wi-Fi Guest Access did not work reliably with non-encrypted Wi-Fi
  • **Fixed** Interruption while streaming video when using IPv6 connections
  • **Fixed** - Improved maximum throughput when used with current Apple iOS and MacOS devices
  • **Fixed** Wrong tip regarding the use of the FRITZ!Box password when mesh is not activated
  • **Fixed** Changes in the network settings were not applied when the user switched between different settings
  • **Fixed** Number of messages in "System / Event Log" was too smal in some areas
  • **Fixed** When parallel WPS registrations were detected they were not ended reliably
  • **Fixed** Wrong default country after setting factory defaults (only for german editions of FRITZ!Repeater)
  • **Fixed** The "Support" page could no longer be opened directly
  • **Fixed** Unintentional display of LAN port settings
  • **Fixed** Wrong timestamp for the last FRITZ!OS update
  • **Fixed** Incorrect message under "System / Event Log" for WPS during DFS wait time
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