In het downloadgedeelte vind je gratis updates voor je FRITZ!-product. Selecteer je product en profiteer na het downloaden van nieuwe functies en uitbreidingen van onze ontwikkelingsafdeling. Deze inhoud is beschikbaar in het Engels.

Info on FRITZ!Box Fon ata

The update file in this folder contains the current firmware for FRITZ!Box Fon ata.
Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box Fon ata.

Product: : FRITZ!Box Fon ata
Version : 11.04.01
Build : 06.02.02
Language : English

New Features : - Telephony: "Click to Dial" function for numbers in call list
- Telephony: Individual "Do Not Disturb" function at each extension
- System: Push Service (FRITZ!Box sends e-mails containing usage information


Changes in 11.04.01:

- Telephony: Improved registration procedure with certain SIP-providers

Changes in 11.03.98:

- Telephony: Call list will not be reset when the system is restarted.
- Telephony: Individual "Do Not Disturb" function can silence ringing at each extension separately.
- Telephony: Wake Up Call function
- Telephony: "Click to Dial" function for numbers in call list
- Telephony: Improved menus
- Telephony: Export function for call list
- Telephony: Advanced setting for Internet telephony:
      - ToS can be defined for SIP and RTP
      - Reject callers without caller ID presentation (CLIP)
- Telephony: COLR - Display of telephone number can be suppressed
- Telephony: Improved voice quality with PBX linking
- Telephony: Support for SIP-URI (Internet telephone number is part of authentication)
- Telephony: Interval for Gateway ping (important for ATA mode)
- Telephony: New Codec: iLBC
- Telephony: Fallback to PSTN when VoIP gateway declines to connect a call (403 Forbidden)
- Telephony: Extensions - new feature: busy on busy
- Telephony: Support for ENUM

- Internet:  Improved port range configuration for forwarding profiles

- System: Improved status messages on Overview page
- System: FRITZ!Box Night Service (inhibit ringing)
- System: Push Service (FRITZ!Box sends e-mail messages containing status and usage information at regular intervals)
- System: Help is displayed in a separate window

After carrying out the update, it is advisable to check the configuration of
extensions, ISDN numbers and dialing rules. These may have been returned to their
original default settings as a result of the update procedure.

Please note that some features are only accessible in Expert Mode (menu System/Expert Mode).

To carry out the firmware update:

1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "" or ""
2) Select the menu "System" and then the sub-menu "Firmware Update".
3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file.
4) Click the "Update" button.

To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after
you have carried out the update.

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This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under different
license terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any Open
Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public
License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt"
( The source
code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive right
to personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object code
format only. Licensee shall olny be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved
for personal backup purposes (backup copy). AVM reserves all intellectual
property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written
approval of AVM and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under
mandatory law, this AVM firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or
otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied,
distributed or otherwise made publicly available.