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Info on FRITZ!Powerline 1220E

This update contains a new firmware version for FRITZ!Powerline 1220E.

Product:        FRITZ!Powerline 1220E
Language:       German, Polish, France, Englisch, Spanish, Italian
Release date:   19.10.2023

New Features:

  • Improved: higher stability
  • Improved: better Mesh integration


Improvements in version

  • Improved: higher stability erhöht, less crashes
  • Improved: better cooperation for Mesh - LLDP information is rejected instantly at link loss and not later at timeout
  • Improved: higher security - reduced attack vectors

Improvements in version

  • Improved: Increased long-term stability
  • Fixed: Error corrections for better network topologies (LLDP protocol)
  • Fixed: Potential security problem in powerline network resolved (CVE fixes)

Improvements in version

  • Improved: Increased security in the powerline network
  • Improved: Determination of network load allows better Mesh steering
  • Improved: More reliable topology information in the case of network loops allows network loops to be automatically eliminated by the Mesh
  • Improved: Detailed information about adjacent devices in the network (LLDP protcol) provide for more precise Mesh topology
  • Improved: Increased long-term stability

Improvements in version

  • Improvement: connection stability
  • Improvement: IPTV transmission to a server connected with FRITZ!Box over Powerline and to multiple Powerline-connected clients is possible now

Improvements in version

  • Improvement: enhanced stability
  • Improvement: enhanced Powerline network management
  • Improvement: enhanced detection of Mesh topology
  • Fixed: problems at IPTV transmission

Improvements in version

  • Improvements concerning IP-TV
  • Enhanced boot process
  • Enhanced LED signaling at pairing failure: Powerline LED blinks for 4 Seconds with 4 Hz

Improvements in version

  • Improvement of long term stability, especially avoiding occasionally observed velocity losses up to a cancellation of the connection

Improvements in version

  • Improvement of VDSL traffic disturbances
  • Improvement of Powerline status information managemnt and the impact on network load
  • Improvement of connection establishment to a FRITZ! Mesh network

Improvements in version 2.5.0-00

  • enhanced and improved update mechanism over the diagnosis and maintanance service
  • improved stability
  • diverse smaller bug fixing, e.g. pairing- und push button behaviour

Improvements in version 2.4.0-02

  • stability improvements in context of IPTV
  • Preparation for improvements of coexistence of powerline and VDSL
  • enhanced name displaying

To update your FRITZ!Powerline via the FRITZ!Box GUI please follow these steps:

  1. Type into your browser "fritz.box" or ""
  2. Go to Home network / Home net work overview / Click on your Powerline
  3. update information will be displayed
  4. Click on "Start update"
  5. Your device will be updated and ready after one minute.

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